Parenting is STUPID HARD!


Sometimes I feel like I understand why wild animals eat their young.

“Ugh. Parenting is STUPID HARD sometimes!”

That was the beginning of a Facebook post recently. I hit another bump in the road of this parenting journey. I know we’ll get through this, but sometimes it’s such a huge struggle. It’s enough of a struggle to get the everyday demands of our lives taken care of, keep everybody moving forward in a positive direction, and try to do it with a smile on my face. Especially when all I want to do right now is SCREAM and STOMP MY FEET WILDLY!!!!

We’ve been in a similar situation before, so it makes this go ‘round even more frustrating. In addition, some lies and deception were uncovered. Oh, I asked the right questions. At the right time. For months. I was aware there could be a problem. That’s why I asked the questions. I trusted the answers and extended grace.

As we parent and grow our children I believe the boundaries we have in place get wider. When our kids are young, they have narrow boundaries. Right from wrong is taught, boundaries are enforced more frequently, there is a lot more oversight, and children learn how to navigate within the boundaries. When they cross them, there is swift correction.

As children get older, the boundaries begin to widen like the top of a funnel. They are given more trust and more freedom. More of a chance to practice staying in the boundaries before they’re out on their own. As parents, we’re still there to point them back to the center when they get too far off course.

This situation was off course. My instant reaction was anger. “HOW COULD YOU!” I wanted to take away every ounce of freedom and every convenience this child has been given. “DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THE SERIOUSNESS OF THIS?!” “HOW IS THIS EVEN REMOTELY ACCEPTABLE?” “HOW DID YOU GET TO THIS POINT?!” “I ASKED! WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK FOR HELP!” “DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I HAVE GIVEN SO THAT YOU COULD DO WHAT?!!”

So!! Angry!!!

Some of those words may have come out.

I had to breathe. And breathe again. And take a little space. And breathe some more. And say more than a few prayers to know how to proceed.

While there are natural and imposed consequences to this situation, I want so much more for my child than consequences. I want them to clearly understand a boundary was crossed, but I don’t want them to simply learn to dance close to the boundary or to hide the evidence when the line is crossed. I don’t want them to get used to going so far off course they feel there is no way back or no help available. I don’t want them to get lost. I want them to know I always love them, always want what’s best for them, and will always fight for them.

So, some course correction is in order.

This isn’t to simply get out of a difficult situation nor is it to just barely get back in the “acceptable” boundaries. No, the goal is restoration. The goal is to make different choices in this life journey so that they may live a full life as the person they have been created to be. And I want to deal with the root issues of lying, deception, and hiding. Those are not descriptors I want for my children.

We had some hard conversations. My child was in so deep the reality of the situation could not be seen clearly. It was hard to point that out and see my child feel broken. But reality and crossed boundaries need to be understood. The potential ramifications in the future needed to be clearly considered as well. There were lots of tears.

There are still hard days ahead. We’ve written a contract with clear expectations and clear consequences. We’ve included daily steps and longer term steps so we see the progress as we move forward. I’m trying to show that little actions, every day, lead us forward on the journey. We can’t expect to leap forward to where we want to be without the hard work now. Nor can we ignore those little choices that are leading the wrong direction and expect them to somehow get better with time. No, personal action, in the right direction, is required.

I’m also working hard to create a safe place of clear communication so that we can rebuild trust. I want my children to come to me in the joys and struggles of life. I don’t want them to ever feel they are too far gone to receive my help and love.

This week I’m also incredibly encouraged by the outpouring of parenting solidarity, concern, hugs, laughter, and encouragement from friends. I am surrounded by an amazing group of people and that is such a huge blessing as I walk this parenting journey solo. I may be solo, but all of you make me realize I’m not alone. My sincerest gratitude and thank you to each of you.

Correcting a wrong course is hard and painful, but it can be done. I trust that my children and I will grow stronger in our relationship because we’re navigating this hard part of the path together, with His help.



God Is…

galaxy-lights-milky-way-676-830x550I’ve had one of those “I’m done! Can’t handle this anymore!” kind of afternoons. I think I’ve complained to God for just about every possible thing I could think of today. Serious vent session with Him. I want to cry, stomp my feet, pound my fists on the floor, and not act very lady like.

I’m just tired. And sick. And worn out. Even though I was just on vacation last week (sorry for the lack of posts, btw) I’ve been fighting a sinus infection. It decided to be stronger than the first round of antibiotics. Now we’re playing a sort of Russian roulette with another class of antibiotics. I just tend to have the uncommon rare reactions, so I’m very leery of this one.

This afternoon went like this: I came home from some gatherings & was exhausted. The house was a disaster; kids haven’t done any chores all week. I laid down for a short rest to calm my head. Continually poked and prodded by kids, I opened my eyes to an Iphone shoved in my face,“do you remember this girl that you taught preschool to 9 years ago?!” Questions, demands, stomping feet, bad attitudes, short answers, long explanations of why they can’t do something, more demands, even worse attitudes, then a disaster in a simple social interaction. My face is visibly swollen and painful. And if I were to actually break down & cry, well, infection would get worse.  I feel stuck.

I’m done with this God. I’m not done with my kids or the work you’ve laid before me. I’m just exhausted and tired of doing this alone. My heart hurts tonight for my son who is continuing to struggle in areas. I want to give him more and I’m feeling at a complete loss. I’m just feeling very hopeless. In a lot of ways.

I’m leaning on you Jesus, because you’re my comforter. And you’re reminding me of the messages I got to be a part of earlier today. A continuing thread collectively declaring who GOD IS…

You are savior, You are victorious, You are soooo faithful, You are compassionate! God, you are ON the throne! You are RIGHT ON TIME! God is OUR BANNER – You go before us and declare our identity and are over us. You are provider, delightful and powerful. God you are redeemer and healer. You are before the beginning. You are the God of creativity, ideas and timely surprises! You are gracious. God you are near. God, you are love.

I declare all of these to You now. You bring me comfort and peace as I wait and trust in you. Provide me with patience, bring me healing, help me show others your love. This will be your victory. You alone get the glory. I trust you. I will follow you.

Blessed be the name of The Lord!