This is the WHY

This is the WHY. Why I run, why I’m raising money for Covenant Kids Congo and Team World Vision. Why I think we can make a difference. Why I’m asking you to join me.

Watch the video then click the link if you want to learn more or if you’re ready to join me.  Team World Vision – Nancy Thompson



Join Me!


Some of you may have seen the pictures on Facebook of our Team World Vision training runs and wondered what that was all about. Here’s the scoop: I’m team captain for a group of runners and walkers from Pine Lake Covenant Church as we train for a half marathon and seek to raise funds for clean water in Africa.

I don’t necessarily consider myself a runner, but some days I run. I’ve ran five half-marathons. Well, I’ve survived five half marathons. I ran my first one because I had a “theory” that I could maybe run that far. Honestly, I didn’t train very well for any of them. And for each one, my focus was on my ability to conquer the course. I was proud of my accomplishments, of what I could do. The focus was all on me.

This half marathon is different. I’m not running for myself. I have partnered with Team World Vision to raise money in order to provide clean water for people in DR Congo. In Africa they say, “Water is Life”. About 724 million people in the world lack access to safe drinking water.

Children and women often walk five to ten miles a day to gather water that isn’t even safe to drink; water that can make them sick.

More children die from diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation than almost any other cause – more than AIDS and malaria combined.

Here’s the thing that kills me: $50 can provide clean water for one person FOR A LIFETIME. How often do we spend that on random stuff we don’t need? How easy is it to go to the sink to get a glass of free clean water? How often do I complain about making time to run an easy 4 miles, when women and children are walking more than that daily for water we wouldn’t let our pets drink?

Friends, I’m doing the work of training. I’m putting in the miles and I’m going to run half marathon #6 this June in Seattle with the rest of my team. And I’m running for the people in the Gemena community of northwest Congo. Every step. Every mile. It’s all for them.

Are you ready to help too?12734263_965954460140378_2824690846763194519_n

Would you consider partnering with me financially to help change lives?

$50 = clean water for 1 person.

Will you invest in the future and provide clean water for 1, 2, 3, or even more people in Africa?

You can make a tax-deductible donation on my fundraising page: Nancy Thompson for Team World Vision

Together, we can change lives!


Deep Gratitude, Quiet Joy

I ran a 7k fun run race the other day. One of those nasty fall days that the rain was pouring down in sheets. Yep, that day. I got up and ran. In the rain. Because I can. I felt so alive in those miles, charging up the stupid hills, pushing myself to keep moving despite the bad weather around me. I could have easily stayed in bed that morning or found another excuse not to run. But in those minutes of running in the rain, I felt the inner strength that I have gained. I found gratitude for myself, that my body still pushes limits, excitement for what my future holds, and a deep sense of gratitude for the grace of God in my life. Even in the downpour I ran with complete joy and a huge smile on my face.

Today, a cold is settling into my body. No doubt the consequences of running in the rain. It’s left me a bit quieter than usual, but it’s also causing me to reflect on the blessings I have today.

I am most grateful that I am a child of God. Even on the dark, lonely days I know that He is leading me and still loves me. Even when I push boundaries and pull at the fabric of the plans He has for me, I know he still loves me. Deeply. And the grace that is extended to me is amazing. Even when I wrestle with where He is walking me now, He gently and quietly reminds me I am His and He has a plan.

His plans right now involve pursuing some seminary classes and a ministry license. I’m a bit overwhelmed. But He’s asked me to take a step. So I’m not going to look to the end of the race or even the end of seminary. I’m going to focus where He has me now. I feel humbled and incredibly grateful that He’s asked me to walk with Him in this way.

I’m also so excited for my kids and the ways they are growing into amazing individuals. People with tender hearts for others and for God. Sometimes I just pause and watch them. Have you ever done that? Or taken a mental picture or video of what they’re doing? Yesterday Jacob was laughing at something he was watching. Just seeing the sheer delight on his face and hearing the deep belly laughs brought me so much joy. I giggle to even think about it. Knowing the road we’ve walked together and the hardships he has faced makes it even sweeter to just enjoy a moment together with him.

The other day I had a phone conversation with Cory, my oldest son. We talked for about a half hour about our plans for the upcoming weekend, the bad play calling of the last football game, our worries over the next game, and the challenging class load he’s taking in college. Normal mother son talk, I suppose. But to recall that a year ago he would barely acknowledge me brings it into perspective. He was angry and hurting after losing his father. He wouldn’t come to visit us in our new town, take my phone calls, or really even look me in the eyes if I did see him. Since I have been provided much grace, I extended much grace. I continually pray that Jesus is rebuilding and restoring Cory through me, or whomever else He chooses to use. Cory will be here tomorrow. We’ll attend a college football game together. He wants to just hang out with us. Just be here. And for that I am so grateful.

Of course my Sarah always brings such joy. My princess. I love to tease her and hear her heart. She gets so excited over normal teen issues and I love that she always wants to share them with me. Just the little things. Even if it’s singing along to a song in the car, sometimes driving around the neighborhood just so we can sing until the end. It fills my heart with joy.mountains-trees-fall-foliage-medium

Oh Jesus, you are so good. I look out my window and see all of the autumn leaves lit up by the afternoon sun. I see the flowers that fill the vase on my counter and they make me smile. I feel your comfort and grace all around me even when I’m not feeling well. My cold reminds me that you have given me a body to be used. My kids remind me that you’ve entrusted me to not only raise them but to also point them to you. The anxiety that can fill my life has been replaced by your peace. And today I feel a complete, deep sense of gratitude that fills me with a quiet, happy joy.