Climb On Things!

It has been a summer of adventures! I love finding adventure all year, but there’s something special about summer time. It reminds me of the long gone days of summer break. Sleeping in a bit, but feeling free without the demands of school and routines and schedules.

Of course I’m an adult now and my work schedule still calls. But in the midst of work a person must make time to play. Sometimes we have to take cues from our kids. Sometimes the kids need to take cues from us. My teens are at the point they would prefer to sleep in then be connected to some sort of screen all day. Nope. Not me. And I want more for them. So I’ve pushed them out.

Grand adventures over several days are fabulous. Like the 200 mile relay race I did with 11 other friends over two days. Or the week long conference my kids attended this summer. Small adventures of random silliness spice up life though. Right in the middle of whatever you’re doing. Like climbing on statues. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Anytime, really. It makes me smile!! I even have friends now sending me pictures of their kids climbing on statues. Mom and dad, get on up there too!!

This is just a reminder that God has created a big huge world out there and He longs for us to enjoy. He gave us bodies to move and think and feel. So stop holding back on life, get outside & find some adventure! And share some stories of your summer adventures with me!

A few adventures…


We climb with the monkeys!


Chillin’ with a tiny statue


Just checking out another statue

FullSizeRender 4

Sometimes I freak a few people out…


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