Letting Go

This has been a very busy season. Life is rushing by at a fast rate.   The things I’m involved in are all good. Some days leave me completely overwhelmed though. I can get through the list of tasks, I still get my devotions in during the morning, I make it to the gym, I help my kids with homework and get them to their friend’s houses. Sometimes it’s just that one last thing that sets me over the top. Something beyond the day to day “extras” that you must leave margin for.

As I was driving to yet another appointment yesterday I found myself in tears. One of those unexpected situations popped back up and it was just too much weight for me to hold together. The tears spilled out & I immediately felt a sense of relief. Relief not from the tears but because I felt the reminder that Jesus promises to not only be with us, but to carry that burden.

Sometimes I try to hold everything together on my own. I manage the to-do lists, I get things done. But He didn’t ask me to do it all on my own. In that moment, I felt such comfort that I could just pray that to Him, through the tears and all. I could release it all to Him, without controlling it. Just let it go. What comfort to know He is there for me!

“Thank you Lord for carrying this burden for me. It hurts my heart too much to even think about and I don’t understand why this is here today. But I trust that you have a purpose. And I trust that you have a plan. With that, I trust that you will walk me through this, helping me learn. And if this is something you don’t want me to carry, I completely trust that you will carry this or remove it from me. You are so good.”

Today I found myself reflecting on that moment. Reflecting on the experience of that truth. I paused for a moment and praised Him with gratitude. I asked Him to continue to redirect even my thoughts, so I don’t get hung-up in the fear and anxiety that could remain. So I don’t get hung–up in a pattern that serves no purpose and doesn’t glorify Him.

Then He played this song. A song that reminded me to let go. Continually. Here are the lyrics to “Letting Go” from Steffany Gretzinger & Gabriel Wilson of Bethel Music:

You’ve brought me to the end of myself
And this has been the longest road
Just when my hallelujah was tired
You gave me a new song

I’m letting go, I’m letting go
I’m letting go, [and] falling into You

I confess I still get scared sometimes
[but] perfect love comes rushing in
[and] all the lies that screamed inside go silent
The moment You begin

[and] I’m letting go, I’m letting go
I’m letting go, [and] falling into You

You remind me of things forgotten
You unwind me until I’m totally undone
And with Your arms around me
Fear was no match for Your love
And now You’ve won me

What an amazing reminder! The more and more I let go, the deeper and deeper into Him I can fall. I don’t have to be perfect; I don’t have to have it all together or figured out. And when we are consumed by Him there is no room for fear or anxiety. Instead He completely replaces it with a new song, a new perspective, a new hope.

My friends, may you experience His grace and comfort today as you let go of all those things He hasn’t asked you to carry. May you trust in Him completely, letting go and falling deeper into His perfect arms.


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