Oh Be Careful Little Ears

When I taught preschool we used to sing this little song quite often. “Oh be careful little ears what you hear, oh be careful little ears what you hear, for the Father up above is looking down with love, so be careful little ears what you hear.”

I was recently on a road trip and that song popped into my mind. I have fabulous comforts in my car and I really enjoy being able to go for a long drive. We had been listening to a Sirius station for the past few weeks. All the current top hits and the witty banter in the mornings. My teens love to listen to it.

On this particular day, alone in the car for 4 hours, I couldn’t listen to that top hit play one. more. time. I hit the button on the carIMG_0207 to link to my phone and brought up some Christian music I had recently downloaded. The lyrics immediately began to soothe my soul. And rather than just singing or humming along I found myself in conversation with God. For 4 hours.

We talked about a lot. There were moments of praise of how Holy He is, thanks for how beautiful His creation is that I was driving through, recognition for all that He is blessing me with. There were some hard conversations too.   Jesus showed me some forgiveness I needed to extend. And He reminded me of His promises and His faithfulness in my life.

I loved that time with Him. Then the though occurred, what if I had kept on the other station during this whole drive. Surely there would have been a bit of conversation with Jesus, but not this much. Instead of my mind being drawn to scripture and Him, it could have been drawn down a dark road filled with popular melodies.

If that was what could have been filling my mind, what has been influencing and filling the minds of my teenagers? They have enough worldly troubles to deal with as it is, so why overfill them with the strong lyrics of today? I’m not saying they need to only listen to gospel choirs or chanting monks. But they also shouldn’t only be filled with popular lyrics that encourage fleeting emotions and a self focus. There needs to be a balance, hopefully with the scales tipping towards music that connects them to God. Lyrics that remind them of how great He is, that He is enough, that He loves them completely, and they are His.

I’m not saying I’m perfect at this either. I sometimes get swayed by the hypnotic tunes that can fill my ears. But I also know that music is one way that I hear from God. He uses lyrics to remind me of His truth, to draw me to Him and His scriptures, answering my questions and calming my soul. So why would I continue to fill myself with fluff that doesn’t lead me to Him?

These thoughts have challenged me and I pray they do the same for you. As you contemplate them just remember, “be careful little ears what you hear…”


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