Joyful Thanksgiving

It is November. Already. It’s fall, gold leaves, blustery winds, turkeys, pies, family, shopping, and above all else, being thankful.  Over the last several years I have seen many people on social media list out daily the things they are thankful for. I’ve wanted to participate but never quite follow through. And while it’s already November 3, I’m still going to do it.

joySo please join me on my Facebook page to read along, share the things you’re thankful for, or be encouraged to look for joy in thanksgiving. That’s what I’ll really be focusing on, the big and little things that bring me joy and create my heart of thanks. We can find ourselves at times thankful for things, or people, but are we open to the joy that can be found in them? Even in the frustrating situations, I’m looking for the joy.

Joy changes my heart, lightens my outlook on life, and encourages me to keep moving forward. Joy makes me giggle, puts a dance in my step and a smile on my face. And I’m thankful that God provides these moments of joy. I think they’re all around, but sometimes I miss them. So I’m watching. And waiting. And ready for a month of joyful thanksgiving.

Click on the link to the right of the page where it says “Let’s Connect” and it will take you to my fb page. Follow along, comment, or add your own. Let’s make this a joyfest!! 🙂


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