Create in Me

Have you ever attended a conference or listened to a sermon where the message just really stuck with you? I’m talking months later, and the central theme of the message still just gets you down to your bones? For me it’s usually not a message of 5 things I need to do to be a better person/mother/Christian/friend, whatever it may be. It’s usually a concept that opensblack-and-white-dark-forest-637-524x350 my mind and reveals a space in my soul that I haven’t let God touch. Ouch.

I’ve had a space in my life that has been empty. I’ve prayed for God to touch it, to fill it. I’ve waited. Somedays patiently, some days, well, some kicking and yelling at God have come out.   For the longest time I felt like He had removed the junk in this space, and left it empty, so He would therefore fill it when He desired. Here was this empty space, sort of a container in my life, that needed to be healed, filled, restored.

Then a message from Michelle Anthony last spring shifted that perspective. God is not either / or. Empty space in my life or full space in my life. He is both. And so much more. He wants me to see more than this empty, broken space in my soul. He wants me to gain His perspective, and to do that I need to slow down. Pause. Spend time with Him.

In John 9 He healed a blind man’s sight. He gave the man instructions to follow, and in faith, the man did. His sight was restored. This man who would sit and beg, blind since birth, could now see. Here’s where that message really hit me though. Really changed my perspective. I assumed all of these years that his eyes simply didn’t work. But what if he never had eyes? I mean, what if he was born without eye balls in his eye sockets. And in faith, He followed the instructions Jesus gave him. He wasn’t just healed. He wasn’t just restored to something that was physically there but didn’t work properly. Jesus created. Do you get that? Jesus didn’t just restore what was broken or lost, He created what never was.

He is both. He is Healer and Creator. So I pause here in my thoughts, in my prayers, in my time with Jesus. You are healer in my life, restoring the broken, the ill, the worn out parts of my soul. And you are also creator. Out of the chaos something new is being formed. You are taking this barren space in my soul, which never truly was, and you are creating something new. Help me to rest in that, in this moment, and let you create in this empty space that is yours.


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