Sharing Faith in a Social Media World

Do you overtly share your faith in your social media outlets?? That is something I struggle with. I’ve talked with others who also struggle in this. Sometimes I feel like my personal Facebook page is not the right place to post all of my ministry and faith thoughts. Sure, I post some things, but I guess I sort of soften it sometimes. Make it a bit more palatable for those non-christian friends.

coffee-iphone-macbook-air-166-825x550Maybe I’m completely wrong in this, but let me pour out some of my thoughts. I want to live my life in such a way that I’m not causing stumbling blocks for others. I want to model Christ, without having to shout at others to do the same. I don’t want to be a modern day Bible thumper. I want to live my life to the fullest, sharing the special moments and times, including those moments where God is incredibly present. That is who I am.  I just want His light to shine through me.

I have had people unfriend me. Self proclaimed atheists. I wasn’t trying to convert them. I was a bit disappointed that they were quick to unfriend me at one mention of my faith. Hello, you know me, that’s who I am, why did you hang out with me in the first place then??

I have never unfriended someone because they don’t believe in God. I did block someone from seeing my posts though. That person is a very outspoken atheist who likes to bash on Christians. They had a rule if they saw three posts in their newsfeed about God, then it was all out war. Posts would follow with threads hundreds of comments deep. I didn’t feel called to engage in that. It was not a back and forth civil discussion. It was negative bashing. Maybe that was the wrong choice on my part. It was fascinating (or horrifying) to watch. God has given me enough to do daily that I just didn’t hear him asking me to enter that one.

Here’s what I did do with that situation: I committed to pray. Every time I see that person in my newsfeed, I pray for them. Just a quick, short prayer. “Jesus, bless this person. Continue to reveal yourself to them. Surround this person with your presence in every situation. Amen.”

And I suppose that’s similar to my prayer about my personal facebook page. “Jesus, bless these people I have as friends. Help me continue to reveal who you are. Let your light and love show through me. Help me to honor you in all I do. Amen”


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