Creating Time for Family Adventures

Adventure [ad-ven-cher] noun 1. an exciting or very unusual experience.2. participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure. verb (used with object), adventured, adventuring. 3. to risk or hazard. 4. to take the chance of; dare.


It’s good to adventure. It’s good to explore. It’s good to expand your horizons. The world doesn’t define who you are, who you will be, or what you can do. The same is true for your family. The world doesn’t get to dictate who you are as a family. Have you asked yourself what is defining your family? When God looks at your family, what is it He sees? What is it you want Him to see? What is it He wants you to see in the miracle of family He has surrounded you with?

I encourage you to push yourself past your comfort zone. Past the easy. Past the normal. Find some adventure. I’m always seeking some sort of adventure. Not always a huge, crazy adventure but something new and different. Something to add variety and expand my experiences. There was a time in my life where there was very little exploration, so now I value it. I encourage my kids to go with me too. If I left them to their choice they would lay on the couch watching tv or playing video games all day. However, I want more for them in this life. I want more for me. God wants more for us.

Adventures can be incredibly simple. The other day my kids and I walked to the store instead of driving. Silly conversations ensued. We saw things in our neighborhood we don’t see from the car windows. We laughed. We kicked rocks. We contemplated how to climb a rock wall. I made my daughter spew her drink through her nose. And now we have funny jokes and memories to share.

This is where I will be sharing some of our funny adventures. And I would love to hear of your adventures. The good ones. The ones that maybe went a bit wrong. There’s always a story in them!  There’s always joy to be found in them.

I look forward to sharing in adventures with you!!


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