Jesus Giggles Over Me

Do you have back and forth conversations with Jesus?? I mean, beyond the petitions of prayers and reciting scripture back to Him. I always help students understand prayer is just a conversation with God. It’s a mode of communicating with Him. And the Holy Spirit can prompt us when we don’t know what to say, so just be open. But sometimes I think we get the idea that it’s all one sided. Us talking at Him, rather than with Him.

I love to have daily conversations with Him about what’s going on in my life. I think He loves that. I recently heard a speaker share about her Tuesdays with Jesus. She spent a season of her life actively engaging with Jesus each Tuesday. As if He was right there with her.   She had back and forth conversations, bought a soda for His place at the table, and even turned around to go back home one Tuesday when she realized she hadn’t invited Him to get in the car with her that morning.

I think that’s awesome. I haven’t really had Tuesdays with Jesus, but I do chat with Him regularly. Just talking about the thoughts rolling around in my head and asking for understanding on some things, and just sharing silly observations with Him. He wants to know it all, right?!.

One day I was challenged to ask Jesus what He thought of me. I had been struggling with my own identity issues and where exactly my place was. It seemed awkward to ask Jesus what He thought of me. I mean, He has to love me, right? But what does He think of me? Yet, in this moment of challenge, I kind of felt like I was shaking a magic eight ball for some sort of answer.  Unsure of what I would get.   Again, I have the head knowledge that He loves me, and the belief that my identity is rooted in Him as His daughter, but what does Jesus think of me now?

So I asked. Out loud. “Jesus, this is kinda awkward, but what do you think of me??”

Without hesitation or missing a beat, He was right there in conversation with me.  Actually, He giggled. Jesus giggled. Over me. And that made me laugh. And our conversation continued:

“I love your giggle and your joy. Your passion and enthusiasm for this life I have given you. And I love that you talk to me and want to know me. You are mine and I love seeing you adventure and enjoy your life, knowing that I am always with you, and I always love you.” 

Giggles With My Daughter

Giggles With My Daughter

That’s a little different than a magic eight ball answer. I love that I can talk with Jesus. And I love that He giggles over me.  Have you taken time to ask Jesus what He thinks of you?  Or have you encouraged your kids to talk to Jesus regularly and ask  Jesus for themselves what He thinks of them?  I know He’ll be right there with an answer for you, and I pray it brings you much joy.


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